We Three

          We Three's House Concert Tour


What is a House Concert?


A house concert is a private and intimate concert for you to experience We Three in more of an acoustic setting. It is a time to enjoy family and friends, snacks and drinks, where everyone can feel at home and enjoy a stripped down, live show without all the lights and distractions. Just music in its purest form.


What do I need to host a House Concert?


You will need a space big enough to host between 25 and 40 guests of your choice in which you will need to contact. Our cover charge will cost between $15 and $20 per guest. If you have a piano, GREAT! But it’s not necessary to be a host. Also we can provide individual flyers for your event that you can send out to your guests if you'd like.


How much would it cost me to host?


Nothing! You have the option of providing snacks and drinks for your guests, and the cost for all of this can come out of the overall price of the tickets 


What does We Three need?


We will need a 9x7 space for us and our instruments and a small area (countertop) to place our merchandise, along with access to power.